November 8, 2013


RFC (Remote Function Call) :-

It is call of a function module i.e. running in different system to the calling program.

• You can also call a function module in the same system as a RFC, however RFC are mostly used in calling different systems.
• RFC is an SAP interface protocol i.e. it is based on the common programming interface for communication (CPI-C) this means that ABAP functions can be called for external applications and tools.

RFC Destinations :-

1) R/3 connection
2) Internal Connection
3) Logical destinations
4) SNA/CPI-C connections
6) Connection using ABAP/4 drivers
• Transaction code for RFC connections SM59

Types of RFC’s :-

1) Synchronous RFC (SRFC) – This is used for communication between different systems and between SAP WAS and SAP GUI.

2) Asynchronous RFC (ARFC) – for communication between different systems and for parallel processing of selected tasks.

3) Transactional RFC (TRFC) – A special form of ARFC. TRFC ensures transaction like processing of steps that are originally defined.

4) Queued RFC (QRFC)
– QRFC is an extension of TRFC. It also ensures that individual steps are processed in sequence.

• If the SNC is configured, we get a tab in SU01 – user administration.
• KeyOn is a 3rd party tool configured for single sign-on for SAP systems.
• RFC connection should be bi-directional

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