July 26, 2015


Types of  sap projects:-

We can divide the sap projects into three categories as
1) sap implementation projects
2) sap support projects
3) sap migration projects

1) sap implementation projects 

In this type of projects, customers are moving towards sap software. previously they might be using some other software.

2) sap support projects
once sap project is implemented, it should be supported by the consultants in day-to-day business. in support projects, the support team helps the customer in day-to-day business.

3) sap migration projects
As we see, sap is continuously upgrading the R/3 software.customers are moving from the older versions to new versions. when the customer decides to new version, it is called sap migration projects.now-a-days many customers are migrating from older versions like 4.5 or 4.6b, 4.6c or ecc 5.0 or ecc 6.0 versions to new versions.

vpn (virtual private network):-

Where are your sap servers located ?
In general the servers will be located at client side. you may be working for any company like wipro, ibm, tcs or infosys. That IT company may be implementing the sap for a customer in uk. though you work from IT company, the servers will be located at client side only.

How do you connect to sap servers which are at client side, if you are working from offshore ?
We can connect through internet or private lines. If you use internet, it is not secure because of its accessibility to public. Private lines are costly for the companies, here vpn comes into picture.

a virtual private network is a private communications network used within a company, or by several companies or organizations to communicate confidentially over non-private network.
From the above definition it is clear that vpn also uses non-private network like internet. but it creates a virtual network.
In general, you will be given with a user name and password for vpn. by using the user name and password you can connect to vpn.
Ex: at&t and citrix, there are many vpn softwares in the market.

Then you have to use the sap user id and password to connect to the sap server.now it is clear that vpn user id different from sap user id.