What is SAP Security ?
When we say security we refer to the protection, protection of an company or business entity. The word security  itself explains its meaning.As the technology is changing day by day so as the threats of the technology being misused also growing very quickly. Hence it has become extremely important to tighten our security measures at each point. In case of Information Technology, Security has animportant place because 24X7 an IT guy deals with sensitive information and data of the client. A loop hole or the breakup in security chain may cause huge loss in your revenue and strategies, throwing you back to start the things again from scratch and build new securitymeasures to protect the data and information.

SAP is now most widely used ERP today. So to increase the efficiency of the software the SAP has separated Security module from Basis and enhanced the functions and utilities of SAP Security. As SAP deals with data and applications of the company , the use of this data by unauthorized person may result in big harm. So we have to protect this access.

So SAP Security revolves around protecting the access of a user and restricting it to access the data and applications related to his job profile only. A warehouse worker should only be able to access the warehouse data like the stock received and stock required, a person who creates a purchase order shall not approve purchase order instead the purchase order should be approved by a higher authority person after a review.

Therefore, protecting the SAP data and applications from unauthorized use and processing is called SAP Security. You are required to restrict the access of a user only to the limited activities and data he should use and process

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