December 13, 2013



(Q) Can RMAN recover the Database automatically without Recovery catalog ?
(A) NO

(Q) Is whole Backup can be consider as level 0 Backup ?
(A) Whole backup is not level 0 Backup and can’t be used as basis for Incremental Backup.

(Q) Why do we need to perform a preparatory run ?
(A)  If Backup with RMAN is supposed to form sets then we need to run Preparatory run.
     Preparatory run can be run from DB13 prepare for RMAN Backup.
     No Backup is created during preparation run, only estimates Compression rate of BRTOOLS to compress the files and to determine compressed and decompressed file sizes.
     It is recommended to perform preparatory run per one Backup cycle.

(Q) What are the contents of tape lable after a tape is Initialized ?
(A) (i) Tape Name
    (ii) Name of the Database
    (iii) Time stamp of last backup recorded on the tape
    (iv) Number of Backups performed with the tape

(Q) Before writing data to tape if the lable is Red to check the following
(A)(i)    Tape Name
   (ii)    Tape Locked or Expired(Expire_period)
   (iii) No. of times the tape already been read(Tape_use_count)
    If Expiration_period = 0 days, the Volume is not locked at all and can be over written
    • If a lock occurs on a tape, it automatically expires at midnight.

(Q) What are the methods used by BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE to check tape locks ?
(A) There are 2 types of locks
       (i) Physical lock check: Physical lock check is done by checking tape label parameter Expir_period. If the number of days passed since the tape was last used is less than value of parameter Expir_period, then the tape is physically locked.
       (ii) Logical lock check: This value is derived from the time stamp written to tables SDBAH, SDBAD

(Q) What are the various tape selection processes ?
(A)   (i) Auto tape selection BRBACKUP and BRARCH
      (ii) Manual selection by the Operator
      (iii)By external tool

(Q) What is the option to select the tapes automatically by BRBACKUP and BRARCH ?
(A) Set the parameter Volume_Backup and Volume_archive to TAPE

(Q) What is the command to check which tape will be automatically selected ?
(A) BR Backup |  BRARCHIVE –Q | Query { check }

(Q) How do we switch off automatic tape Management ?
(A) By setting up the parameter(Volume Backup and Volume Archive) to the value “SCRATCH”

(Q) How do I turnoff the tape management performed by SAP tools ?
(A) Configure the parameter Backup_dev_type= UTIL_FILE
    UTIL_FILE_ONLINE and also configure BACKINT interface in init<SID>.sap
NOTE: BackINT Interface program is only supported for external Backup.

(Q) How do we verify Backups ?
(A) Verification of backups is of 2 types
     (i) Tape Verification: The files are restored file by file and compared with original files to verify if the backup is redable.
     (ii) DB Block consistency: This checks the Database block by block using Oracle tool “DBVERIFY” to identify and restore from bad blocks.
     PATH: BRTOOLSBackup & DBcopyVerification of DB Backup, Verification of Archive log Backup
     The option USE_DBV(DBVERIFY=NO), only tape is verified (If yes Tape verification + DB Block Consistancy Check)

(Q) If SAP started and I am trying to switch to non-archive mode what will happen.
(A) It will show an error showing that SAP instance is running. Please showdown first or use force option.

(Q) If SAP is running and I try to shutdown the DB using BR tools what will happen.
(A) It through an error saying that SAP is running please shutdown the SAP first or force option and then continue.

(Q) If table space is full then what are the possibility to extend the table spaces ?
(A) Option 1: Add another data file to table space
           2: Existing data file can be manually resized
           3: Properties of existing data file can be changed to auto extendable

(Q) What id the formula to increase the data files size ?
(A) Data file size = Expected DB/100

(Q) How many number of data files will be there by default ?
(A) Default there are 100 data files

(Q) What is the error related with table flow ?
(A) For table ORA1653, ORA1654 for indexes.

(Q) Create server parameter file from init<sid>.ora
(A) Login to oracle user (ora<sid>)

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