December 13, 2013



1) Which directory do we have the exe files?

2) Which directory do we have errors or logs or traces recorded?

3) What is the profile parameter for increasing the number of background work process?

4) Difference between Central Instance and Application Server Instance?

5) How many Application server instances are there in your company?

6) How many modules did you support?

7) What is the version of OS, DB and R/3?

8) What is the patch level of R/3 used in your project?

9) What are the IP addresses of your R/3 systems?

10) If the dispatcher work process fails can I login to SAP system?

11) How to check the status of dispatcher from OS level?

12) What are the start/stop commands for SAP system from IS level?

13) If dialog work process fails where can I check the logs related to the dialog Work Process?

14) What are the three types of profile parameters and what is their naming convention?

15) What is the technology used by SAP systems to process user requests?

16) What is the transaction code to check whether all my instances are active or not?

17) What is the transaction code for finding out number of work process present in a particular instance?

18) How do I do manual switching of operation mode?

19) How many work processes are required in order to login to SAP system? What are the types?

20) In what sequence does the system read system parameters?

21) What is the transaction code to check the consistency of individual profiles?

22) In which sequence we perform the setting up of operation modes?

23) Which SAP processes are started when the SAP system or an instance is started?

24) How do I find out which are dynamically switched or static parameters?

25) How do I display current values of system parameters? What are the ways of displaying current values of system parameters?

26) If I make any change to the startup profile do I need to restart SAP system?

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