October 13, 2013

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Dual Stack Refresh Procedure -3

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Dual Stack Refresh Procedure -Part 3

8.1.3 Java System Object Export


This is still in testing. We need to continue the refinement of this process to ensure it works flawlessly going forward.

Log in to the target portal via http://<sid>.abc.com:5$$00/irj using the administrator account (J2EE_ADMIN).

Navigate to the System Administration --> Transport --> Export area.

Right click in the content pane on the folder where the transport package should be stored and select       New --> Transport Package. The New Transport Package wizard will open. 

Fill in the fields with appropriate names and descriptions referring to the refresh.

With the Transport Package open in the right side pane, select the content from the center pane that will be included in the transport package.

If a folder is selected instead of a single object, use the “Add all objects to transport package” to add everything in the hierarchy under the folder selected.
Don’t select the “SCJ Content” level. Drill in further and select only the system connection objects structure from the tree. In an attempt to import the entire “SCJ Content” tree, the system became unusable, and the database needed to be restored again to rectify.

Click the Export button at the top of the transport package editing screen once all the necessary objects have been added to the package.

Confirm the details of the export and change the export file name if desired. Click “Start Export”.

The screen will refresh automatically as the export is running. A Status message at the top of the screen will display a percentage complete number until the export is finished.

Once the export is finished, click the “Download Export File” link at the top of the page and save the file to a safe location for import again once the redirected restore and Java reinstall are completed.

8.1.4 SAP Netweaver 7.0 SR3 Disc Set

Double check the discs necessary for the refresh based on the currently installed version.

 •  D51033511 – Master
 •  D51033506 = Kernel, AIX
 •  D51033508 – Kernel, Linux x86_64
 •  D51033513 – Java Components
 •  CD51033119 – DB2 RDBMS

 •  CD51033122 – DB2 Client

 Will update soon... Check next post...

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