November 16, 2012

Update your SAP Kernel in a SAP ECC system

Update your SAP Kernel in a SAP ECC system :-

1. First of all, go to the SAP Service Marketplace (, and download your desired kernel version:

Downloads --> SAP Support Packages --> Entry by Application Group --> SAP NetWeaver --> SAP Netweaver --> SAP Netweaver <version> --> Entry by Component --> <select component> -->  <select your system version> --> #Database independent (this is the part I. In the same step,  select your database to download the part II of the package).  

2. After you have the two parts downloaded, log into the OS level and uncar the 2 parts in separate directories. Copy the part I in a new folder, and copy the part II into the same folder (there are cases that files may need to be replaced. replace them, don't worry).  

3. Stop the database, SAP and the services related to them (SAPSID##, SAPOSCOL).  

4. Backup the old kernel. Usually it is located in: </usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/<uc or nuc>/<system>.  

5. Delete the old backed up kernel, and copy the new kernel there.  

6. Start the services related, database and SAP.

Now just confirm the new kernel version in SAP.

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