November 3, 2012

Generate Solution Manager Key

Generate Solution Manager Key :-

To Generate Solution Manager Key Execute T-code SMSY in Solution Manager system, you need to do the following steps:


1)Create a system by right clicking on System entry and select Create new system. 

2)Enter the System Name i.e., SID (3 chars)

3)Product = SAP ECC (select from the list)

4)Product Version= ECC 5.0 (select from the list)

5)Save the entries.

6)Select Menu Item "System--->Other Configuration" and enter the SID which you have created earlier.

7)Enter the Server Name(hostname)

8)Finally click on Generate "Installation/Upgrade Key Button "

The system generates a Key ,copy that Key and paste it in the SAPINST screen when it prompts for Sol man Key.

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