November 3, 2012

SAP Performance and Tuning Tools

SAP Performance and Tuning Tools :-

Any time you must have come across some performance issue with your SAP System, So here I am mentioning some approach that you can follow to avoid the same..

Most Commonly Used Tools and Monitors –AS ABAP:
1) Hardware : Application server
OS06 (ST06), OS07
2) Database Gener DBACOCKPIT
DB accesses ST10 ST05, STAD

3) Application :
Shared memory & buffers ST02, SHMM
User memory analysis SM04 S_MEMORY_INSPECTOR
Work process overview SM50, SM66
Workload analysis ST03N STAD
Enqueue monitoring SM12 ST05

4) Communication
HTTP traffic SMICM, ST03G
Remote Function Calls ST03N ST05

Most Commonly Used Tools and Monitors –AS JAVA :

1) Hardware :Application server OS06 (ST06), OS07, SAP MC

2) Database: General DBACOCKPIT, DB02 (Java schema)
DB accesses NWA: Open SQL Monitors, Wily Introscope, SAP JVM Profiler

3) Application: Global Buffers and Caches --> SAP MC, NWA: Open SQL Monitors
JAVA runtime-->Wily Introscope, SAP JVM Profiler
User memory analysis SAP JVM Profiler
Server nodes / thread overview NWA: Operations Management, SAP MC
Workload analysis Wily Introscope
Enqueue monitoring NWA: Open SQL Monitors, SAP MC

4) Communication: HTTP traffic --> HTTPwatch, NWA, SAP MC
Remote Function Calls --> NWA, SAP JVM Profiler, Wily Introscope