August 30, 2013

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Dual Stack Refresh Procedure -1

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Dual Stack Refresh Procedure

The below steps are for System Refresh  in the Sap netweaver system with Dual stack.

Operation system : IBM AIX

Data base : DB2

Sap Version: Sap NetWeaver 7.0 

1 Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents
2 Revision History
3 Purpose
4 Definitions
5 To Do
6 Passwords
7 Quick Guide Checklist
8 Refresh Process Flow
8.1 Pre-steps
8.1.1 Environment Cleanup
8.1.2 Export data from Target System
8.1.3 Java System Object Export
8.1.4 SAP Netweaver 7.0 SR3 Disc Set
8.1.5 Export Java using SAPINST from Source System
8.1.6 Copy export files to target system
8.2 Refresh
8.2.1 Stop all application servers
8.2.2 Run SAPINST on Target System.
8.2.3 Hand off from Basis to DBA for DB2 redirected restore
8.2.4 Continue SAPINST
8.3 Post Refresh Steps
8.3.1 ABAP Stack
8.3.2 Java Stack
8.4 Reinstall Application Server
8.4.1 Uninstall Existing Dialog Instance
8.4.2 Install Dialog Instance
8.5 Close the system
9 Appendix
9.1 Errors and Issues
9.1.1 Error During Export from Source System
9.1.2 adjustNametab error
9.1.3 BDLS Source to Target Conversion of BI Systems
9.1.4 SAPINST GUI crashes during Unpack phase
9.1.5 runRSWBOINS with ERROR status
9.1.6 System High Swapping
9.1.7 BDLS creates Transport request
9.1.8 Error “Invalid PKCS\#5 padding length: 224”
9.1.9 fillContext Executed with ERROR
9.1.10 NIETIMEOUT warning
9.1.12 Out of Memory errors during SAPINST
9.1.13 DB2 Client Mismatch Error in trans.log
9.1.14 BDLS Warnings – Source System to Target System
9.2 Refresh Scripts - DEPRECATED
9.2.1 <sid>
9.2.2 <sid>
9.2.3 <sid>
9.2.4 Script To Do List
9.3 Refresh Notes
9.3.1 J2EE does not start following SAPINST System Copy

2 Revision History

Description of Change
Initial version
Ryan Daley
Added password section and appendix section
Ryan Daley
Additional screenshots and errors from XB1 refresh
Ryan Daley
Updates for new script and export of Portal system objects
Ryan Daley
Continued refinements following Wen and Alan running BW refresh instead of me
Ryan Daley

3 Purpose

This document is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to performing a system refresh on an SAP Netweaver 7.0 (2004s) Dual Stack system. It was developed on a BW system, so for other system types, there may be alternate or adjusted steps required.

4 Definitions

1.Target System – System being refreshed
2.Source System – System providing the database copy for the refreshed (target) system

5 To Do

1.Update screenshots
2.Determine how to handle system specific sections and notes

6 Passwords

Below, please fill in the passwords required for your system refresh (on printed copy of this document).

Source System Password
Target System Password







Administrator (Portal)

J2EE_ADMIN (Dual Stack)



DDIC Client 000

7 Quick Guide Checklist

   Pre Steps
   # Script controlled data export
   # SAPINST Java export
   # Java system object export
   # SAND NLS backup source

   # Begin SAPINST system copy
   # DBA redirected restore
   # Finish SAPINST system copy
   # Script controlled clean step

   Post Steps
   # Initial check of system
   # Java system object import
   # Script controlled import of data exported during pre steps
   # BDLS conversions
   # Odd ABAP transactions
   # RSA1 source system connections restored
   # BI Support Desk and Diagnostics Tool
   # SAND NLS restore to target
   # Move BWA connection
   # Restore precalculation server connections

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