December 13, 2013



Support :-

Q) What are the steps involved in stopping SAP system?
A) Before stopping SAP system we need to check the status of the following
• Check if there are any logged on users. Use Transaction Code – SM04
• Check if there are any Background process is to define – SM36
• Check if there are any Background processing is going on. Use TC – SM37
• Check if there is any Batch input session. Use TC – SM35
• Check if there are any update processes running. Use TC – SM13

Client Copy :-

Q) Why do we need to perform a test run?
A) Test run determines which tables are to be changed.

Q) What is the amount of storage space a client will occupy?
A) client without application data needs approximately 150-200 MB of storage space in a DB

Q) Why do we need to do client copy?
A) To create new clients.

Q) Do we need to transport clients between systems (or) what is the procedure for copying clients between systems?
A) We no longer require to transport clients instead we make a remote client copy.

Q) Why should we not transport the client data?
A) this is explained with the help of a scenario. In target system, we have set up clients whose data must not be affected. The cross client data must not be imported into the system from outside, since the cross client data overwrites existing data so that customizing data of other clients in the target system no longer effects.

Q) what default user has all the authorizations?
A) SAP*. This is the reason for locking this user in different environments.

Spool :-

Q) How to identify how many spool work process are setup in a particular application server?
A) Trans-Code SM51 and select the application server.
   Go to SM50 and count the number of work process with SPO

Q) How many spool processes are configured in out entire SAP system?
A) SM66 and check for SPO work process. In select process by choosing Type = Spool and Status = Wait

Q) Can we change number of spool work process by operation mode switching?
A) No. Only background and dialog work process can be modified.

Q) How to identify how many spool servers are available in your SAP system?
A) SM51 or SM66 and check for application server with at least one spool workprocess.

Q) How to make setting for an individual SAP user so that an output request is not created immediately for a spool request?
A) SU3 go to Default tab and ensure that output immediately option is not checked.

Q) How to find which printer is defined at OS level of your server?
A) Go to start -> Settings -> Printers (Revisit)

Transport :-

Q) What is a transport group?
A) SAP systems that share a common transport directory tree form a transport group.

Q) What is transport domain controller?
A) R/3 system with the reference configuration is called as the transaction domain controller.

Q) What is transport domain?
A) All R/3 systems that are planned to manage centrally using TMS form a transport domain.

Q) What are the two editor modes in which we can configure the transport routes?
A)     1. Graphical Editor
         2. Hierarchical Editor   

Q) What are the various configuration methods available in STMS?
A)     1. Single system configuration
         2. Development and Production systems
         3. Three systems in a group

Q) What is a standard transport layer?
A) This describes the transport route that the data from the development systems follows.

Q) What is SAP transport layer?
A) It is a predefined transport layer for DEV classes of SAP standard objects

Q) What are the three approval steps you need to follow as a part of approval procedure in QAS?
A)     1. To be approved by system administrator
         2. To be approved by department
         3. To be approved by request owner

Q) What are the various qualifier option or what are the various import options?
A) There are six import options
    1. Leave transport request in queue for later import
    2. Import transport request again
    3. Overwrite originals
    4. Overwrite objects in unconfirmed repairs
    5. Ignore unpermitted transport type
    6. Ignore predecessor relations   


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